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Begode Master Samsung 50E 3rd Gen


Key Features


Begode just won’t stop upping the ante. The Master is pushing limits to the extremes that everyone had, until now, thought only to be fantasy. Including what is the first 134.4 volt EUC. Building on their previous slick suspension wheel, the Hero, Begode is combining 80mm (3inches) of vertical travel with true high end speed. Is 90km/h possible? Begode thinks so. 

Here is what you get from what some say is the best big suspension wheel:

  • Power: 3500W Torque motor. One of the biggest motors in the electric unicycle world with a ridiculous 134.4 volts working for you. Churning your way up hills and instant insane acceleration is within your grasp with the relatively light weight (79lbs) of the Master.
  • Speed: Free spin speed is listed as an incredible 112km/h so the Master isone of the fastest EUCs ever built. Expect to scream up to a visceral 100km/h with preset alarms kicking in at 30km/h & 45km/h.
  • Range: 2400Wh battery made up of Samsung 50E cells can pump out a maximum riding range of up to 120km! Fast riding, rider weight, inclines and ambient temperature will all affect your range however.
  • Suspension: Yet another suspension wheel coming out of the Begode stable, and this time with adjustable dampening. Like the Hero, this suspension is worlds different than Gotway’s first attempt on the EX. The Hero has proven itself to be a very good suspension ride, the Master improves on that with dampening control.
  • Display: Big, bright and bold, we get a large top-mounted display for easy monitoring of speed, battery and temperature. 
  • Pedals: Those famous Begode spiked pedals! Standard on your new Master are the pedals everyone knows and loves.
  • Tire: The Master comes with a 20” tire. Early looks are showing a hybrid tire but we will look for more information on this to confirm.
  • Style: Previously infamous for their “Samsonite” design, it looks like Begode has moved on to some more modern looks which continues with the Master. Sleek, minimalist, aggressive, lots of colour - all of that good stuff . Continuing a design trend started with the Hero, this may be the signature look from Begode going forward.
  • Seat: Is that an integrated seat we see? Sit down, relax. But maybe not while going too fast.

The new Begode Master could be the one to rule them all - it’s time to dominate the electric future on a Master.



Top Speed 100km/h
Range ~120km
Power 3500w
Peak 6000w
Voltage 134.4V
Battery 2 Options
Suspension Yes
Charger 3A
Dual Ports Unknown
Max Grade 40°
Weight 79lb
Motor Torque C38
Full Charge 10h
Clearance 8.7"
Pedal Size 5.2"x11.3"
Max Load 265lb
Tire 20"
Brakes Regen
Handle Yes
Lift Protect Yes
Size (in) 25x22x13 (Est)
Headlight 7000lm
Brakelight Yes
Signals No
Bluetooth Yes
Seat Integrated
Padding Yes
Fender Yes
Kickstand Unknown

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