Hi there!

My name is Dan Brown and I’m the inventor of the Up-Rite Storage Rack. Like you, I struggled with the pros and cons of plastic storage totes. I loved being able to store and protect my valuables from rodents and dust, but I HATED the fact that they took up all my floor space – even when they were on shelves! One day while working through my honey-do list and cleaning the garage, it struck me that my ceiling was completely bare while I was lost down below in a maze of storage totes, so I invented the Up-Rite Storage Rack!


With this simple to use, easy to install rack system, all the wasted space that is your ceiling or walls becomes prime real-estate for storage.

Check out these details:


  • Made from a strong-as-steel polymer plastic, you can store up to 50lbs in the rack.
  • Individual racks link end-to-end for easy mounting and maximum use of space.
  • Super strong cam-lock ensures that your valuables stay locked in the rack
  • Only 24” total length – perfect for closets, storage sheds or anywhere you need extra storage.
  • Fits any standard sized storage tote
  • Mounts to ceiling.
  • Can also be used to store surfboards, ladders, ironing boards, strollers, folding chairs, etc.


Thank you for joining me on this awesome journey.  The more I use it, the more uses I find – and I’m sure you will too!